Reasons to visit Belgrade – right now!

Trust us, once you visit Belgrade and Serbia, you will keep coming back for more. Why? Because it is absolutely unbelievable and completely different than anything you have seen before!

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the name of Serbia’s capital? Don’t let yourself get blinded by all the political drama from the past and brace yourself to be stund. Trust us, once you visit Belgrade and Serbia, you will keep coming back for more. Why? Because it is absolutely unbelievable and completely different than anything you have seen before!

Belgrade perfectly mirrors the go to lifestyle in Serbia, la dolce vita Serbian way. A big, vibrant city with wide streets and endless river banks filled with places to go and things to do, with plenty of room for everyone who came here to reach for the stars and touch the sky. And really, in Belgrade, only sky is the limit.

Belgrade has that special feel, that je ne sais quoi

You will love Belgrade if you follow your tour guide around, listen to all the historical facts and take plenty of photos. But you will not feel Belgrade that way, you will not experience it. So, right after you’re done with your tours, take a detour to all the hidden gems locals save for themselves or immers yourself with the crowd and feel the city puls as a local.

That’s where you will discover Belgrade’s special feel and sense the energy of the city flowing through you, carrying you around. Welcome to the hedonist heaven that offers something for everyone – whether it’s a stroll between architectural jewels of the city or charming parks or an adrenalin rush indusing adventure.

On your way you will meet plenty of locals. Now, we can’t guarantee that every person will be the kindest representative of our friendly nation, but we will remind you that people in Serbia are very well known for their hospitality. This is one of the things tourists appreciate the most, right along with the value of their money here. For most foreigners, Serbia is beyond affordable destination.

Reasons to visit Belgrade - right now!

We love our food and we love our drinks, and so will you!

There is no scale to measure and show just how much relevance food and drinks have to our satisfaction! One doesn’t go without the other and it’s the bases of our enjoyment.

Whether you book a table at a fancy restaurant or grab a bite at a street corner, you will be overwhelmed by mouthwatering deliciousness. What should you try? Everything! Barbecue is a must, but so are the burgers and kebabs. No, nobody is claiming these are original Serbian dishes, but we are claiming our Serbian twists to them are to die for! Also, do not miss a chance to go to traditional Serbian restaurants to try our original ethnic dishes.

Now, as we said, food doesn’t go without drinks, so you have to try rakija, the traditional Serbian drink. There are plenty of options to choose from: plumb rakija, grape rakija, honey rakija, cherry rakija, quince rakija, pear rakija, and so much more. Just bear in mind that it’s very strong and tipsiness can sneak up to you.

Reasons to visit Belgrade - right now!

Small rituals for a wonderful day

Our nation is hardworking, but we adore our leisure time! No matter how long our to do list is, we always find time for our small pleasures and tiny rituals that make our days. One of those is simply having a coffee with our friends. That’s why our cafes and bars are always crowded and filled with loud laughter. This is probably the core ritual we treasure.  You can choose to have traditional coffee or just a regular espresso. We love seeing tourists and expats that catch on it, so experience this ritual by finding one of those hidden cozy cafes and relax for a few hours. You’ll be grateful for the break because…

Reasons to visit Belgrade - right now!

Our night life is crazy!

Tourists and expats love Belgrade nightlife. As the matter of fact, many tourists come over for the weekend just to party and unwind. It’s difficult to pinpoint what is it about partying in Belgrade, but it might have to do with the sense of freedom that comes with „no thinking about tomorrow“ attitude. Whether you choose local traditional restaurants with live music, or bar clubs with popular local music, clubs of different sorts, or listen to live rock bands, you will not forget your nights out in Belgrade. All you need to do is chose the genre, bring your party mood and let yourself enjoy.

Parties in Belgrade last until the morning, and if you’re lucky, on your way back you just may catch that short glimpse of quiet and calm. Then the moment is interrupted by the first trams, and sun rising above the river, and just like that Belgrade is all set for a new day.

Reasons to visit Belgrade - right now!

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