Belgrade Summer

Summer is a perfect season for indulging your wanderlust. Everyone is so energized and it feels like the sunshine and its warmth rub off on people as well.

Belgrade Summer

Summer is a perfect season for indulging your wanderlust. Everyone is so energized and it feels like the sunshine and its warmth rub off on people as well. This being said, an increase in the number of tourists is imminent. They will infuse new energy and a positive buzz to the city streets, local bars, parks and share this energy with the locals. This happens in Belgrade every summer. New tourists visit for the first time, and so many come back. They explore the city tirelessly even when the temperature gets so high it feels as if the concrete is about to melt. Why? Because summer in Belgrade is so much fun.

Quiet mornings – lounging over the first cup of coffee

Vacation is for sleeping and rest, but sometimes we relax better when we jump out of bed early and head out. This is the case with Belgrade mornings. Morning freshness reaches every corner of the city, but head into a cafe known for delicious and energizing coffee and you will experience this freshness on another level.  Peace and quiet, light and relaxing music, a good book or a magazine, while inhaling the scent of freshly brewed coffee that was served with a smile is really all one needs in the morning. City center and Dorcol are the place to go for this experience. Here you’ll find an abundance of lovely cafes with gorgeous gardens. For additional freshness, you may also choose to head to the river.

Ada Ciganlija is the place to be

A beach is the go to destination during summertime. Being in a landlocked city does not mean you don’t get to relax at the beach as well. Ada ciganlija is the Belgrade beach and you will understand why as soon as you arrive. Crowds of people tanning by this artificial lake, lounging at the beach bars, sports fields crowded by those who prefer getting their tan while being active, bikers on the bike trails, some people rollerblading.

Now, if this sounds like a bit too much for your taste, then we definitely recommend one of the Belgrade pools where it won’t get as hectic as at Ada Ciganlija.

Parks – heat and sun hideaways

If all that time in the sun is not your cup of tea, there’s another solution. You can choose to go to one of many Belgrade parks. Obviously, the first that comes to mind is the most popular one – Kalemegdan, located in the city center  and with breathtaking views. Then there’s Tasmajdan park, bit smaller, but beautiful and relaxing as well. There’s also an outdoor gym there, some bars, and one of the city pools is nearby as well.

Then there are two more parks that are an absolute must visit: fairytale like Topcider park and Kosutnjak, a beautiful forest in the middle of the city. Even locals rarely stop admiring the fact Belgrade has so many green oases in the city.

Night time parties at the river

It’s no secret Belgrade nightlife is amazing. During summer it gets even better! Go to spots are bars and clubs at the river – splavs. All you need to do is pick your music genre and choose the splav accordingly. No worries, you’ll find your spot. Belgrade never fails you when it comes to your party appetites.

Weekends – get active

Those Belgrade locals that are working over the summer, but have weekends off, love dedicating their weekends to healthy habits and working out, or at least being active one way or another. This usually takes place at Ada Ciganlija, where one can run, bike, skate, use some of the sport courts and lounge with friends afterwards in a bar by the water. Try this recipe – get together with your friends and unwind the way you like!


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