Best gift shops in Belgrade made in Serbia

Here are the best gift shops in Belgrade made in Serbia products if you are searching for good gift shops that sell authentic Serbian items in Belgrade.

We are presenting to you dear traveler the best gift shops in Belgrade made in Serbia products. Searching for good gift shops that sell authentic Serbian items in Belgrade might not be easy. Whether you’re a tourist visiting Belgrade, who wants to bring souvenirs back home, or a resident buying gifts for your foreign friends, you’re probably hoping to find something that was actually made in Serbia.

Best gift shops in Belgrade made in Serbia

We have set out to make a list of the best gift shops in Belgrade where you can find unique and interesting gifts made locally and make gift shopping a little bit easier for you.

best gift shops in belgrade made in serbia

Plišani meda online shop

Surely one-of-a-kind and then we can say one of the best gift shops in Belgrade is the Online shop plišani meda Moj Meda (My Teddy Bear/Plišani meda). Don’t miss one of the most original gift shops you’ll ever come across in Belgrade. As the name suggests, this unusual store sells teddy bears, but these are not just your usual tiny lap cubs. They have giant teddy bears that stand 2 meters tall (plišani meda od 2 metra), which is the biggest one in the category of big teddy bears (veliki plišani meda). But the one that caught our eye first was his somewhat smaller cousin, plišani meda od 170 cm, which we believe is their best product. If you want something smaller still, they have a category called srednji plišani meda, where you can find fuzzy friends from 100cm to 130 cm tall. And, of course, the small teddy bear (mali plišani meda) we all know and love is on their website as well, because nothing beats the classics. Made in Serbia, these bears are high quality, soft and warm, so they are perfect hug buddies, and a great gift idea.

plisani meda moj meda

The Belgrade Window

The Belgrade Window (Beogradski izlog ), as a part of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, is the official gift shop of the city. So with great diversity of products, it deserves to be on our list of best gift shops in Belgrade. It offers authentic souvenirs that are original works of designers who were inspired by the spirit of Belgrade. Relying on traditional Serbian motifs, these designs incorporate urban aesthetics making them truly unique. In this store, you’ll find t-shirts, mugs, caps, maps, magnets, bags, etc. The Belgrade Window also features various literature about Belgrade – historical works, guides, and fiction works. Unfortunately, they do not have an online store, but their location at the beginning of Knez Mihailova street is more than convenient. More info and location The Belgrade Window.

rakia bar


RAKIA BAR – Gift shop is a small shop in the Belgrade center, specializing in Serbian national drink – rakia (rakija). Rakia is a strong fruit brandy that is an essential part of Serbian culture. It is still a part of everyday life in Serbia, being one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, but also as a part of various customs that stem from the rich Serbian tradition. In this shop, you can find a wide selection of rakias, from classics like šljivovica (plum rakia), dunjevača (quince rakia), viljamovka (pear rakia), and jabukovača (apple rakia), to more intriguing tastes like orahovača (walnut rakia) or honey rakia (medovina) with Lavander/mint/cinnamon/thyme/lemon balm. They also come in different forms of packaging. There are classic elegant bottles, traditional Serbian bottles, čokanji (small bottles that hold 50ml of liquid), or even tubes. If you are looking for a present for someone not fond of strong drinks, you can also find a selection of Serbian wines, chocolates, souvenirs and preserves.

Serbian Shop

When it comes to authentic Serbian gifts, has a lot to offer. Here, you can find books about Serbian history, or the history of Belgrade, as well as books by famous Serbian authors. In the “Etno” section of their shop, there are a plethora of traditional Serbian items. National costumes, traditional rugs, and pillowcases will stun you with unique aesthetics and colorfulness. Serbian traditional instrument frula, one of the national symbols, makes a great gift as well. Woolen sweaters, socks, hats, gloves, and other clothing items from the famous town of Sirogojno are as warm and cozy as they are beautiful. And the “souvenirs” section holds a vast array of memorabilia like figurines of famous Serbian knights and rulers, mugs with national symbols, keychains, flags, etc. There are even religious items in this online shop, like candlesticks or orthodox icons. So there is really something for everyone here.



REBOX is a Belgrade-based company that makes and sells unique Serbian souvenirs and gifts. Here you can find items like a bottle of rakia in a book-shaped wooden box with a Serbian coat of arms engraved on it, or fountain pens with the same symbol in a leather box. There are also sculptures of many Serbian historic figures in various sizes, all made upon request. They also offer Bible with various stands, as well as luxury editions of The Gospel. Most of their products can be engraved with custom text which makes the gift even more personal.


Maslina (Olive) started out as a health food store, but has since grown to include all sorts of quality products made in Serbia. They feature items by various Serbian brands, such as Despotika winery, Jezdić rakia distillery and Eugen chocolate factory. They also sell monastery-themed puzzles, ceramics with Serbian motifs, T-shirts, gloves or socks that will remind you of Belgrade and much more. Maslina is among the leading gift shops in Belgrade when it comes to quality of their products.

Srpski kutak

Srpski kutak is a bookstore and a souvenir shop in the middle of Knez Mihailova, the center of the Belgrade pedestrian zone. The store’s name Srpski kutak means “Serbian spot” or “Serbian corner”, and the theme of their merchandise is mostly tied with Serbian history. Here you can find items inspired by the culture of Lepenski Vir, a Mesolithic settlement located in Serbia dating back to 10. Millennium B.C. There are also figurines, pottery, jewelry, and other items inspired by the old Slavic religion. Their wide selection of books on Serbian history will amaze any history buff. From “The guide to the love history of Belgrade” to “Fortresses on the Danube”, there’s a book for everyone. Of course, they also have rakia and Serbian wine, as well as souvenirs like snowballs, keychains, and magnets with Serbian motifs. This is another place that doesn’t have an online shop, but, again, due to its location, you can hardly miss it when visiting Belgrade.


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