Bar Kultura

Koktel Bar

The group of bartenders, after ten years of experience, decides to establish an organization for the promotion of bartending in Serbia. After our many years of work in the catering industry, “Bar Culture”, which includes various aspects of the bar business: Barski ketering, renting of bar equipment, provision of consulting services in the catering industry.

It is important to note that our team is made by “bar experts” and young trained personnel who, in addition to their many years of experience, have a recognized title and certificates regarding bar business.

The Travel Club is a non-profit registered in Novi Sad, Serbia and Zagreb, Croatia. There is no hierarchy nor official membership. All our projects are funded through crowdfunding and carried out through 100% volunteering. Any money that comes our way is donated to charity or reinvested into the Club.

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Zaplanjska 84g
Beograd 11070 Grad Beograd RS
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