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Club Svetskih Putnika is founded in October 1999. in the rented apartment in the basement of the house No7 in 29th November street, today Despot Stefan Lazarevic`s street.
These rooms once were maidservents` rooms, which were after the WWII adapterd for living as coherent architectural whole.

At the end of 20th Century in the time of crisis in Serbia, we came to the idea to bring our friends, friends` friends and all the people of good will together with a single goal – to create a place for exchanging information and ideas – from business to art and sciance alike.
Since this was a pioneer endeavor, we furnished the promises with pieces of old furniture found in the attick and cellars.

The members brought the pieces of furniture as a donation, a gift, and with them they brought small parts of their own private histories into this space, which gave the club a special touch.

The place got the nickname “Grandma`s house”, and what started as a meetting point of few friends soon became the “Association of Globe Trotters” with several thousand members from Serbia and many more visitors from all over the world.

As a part of developing business activities, the founders bought the promises and became the owners which enabled them to broaden their activities and the quality of service.
The local, but also very often the foreign media from ex-Yugoslav republics, spread the word about us, so that our horizons get wider and borders don`t exist. The Association welcomes its members and friends weekdays as well as weekends. We organize parties and celebrations, festivities, film projections, acting and singing performances, literal and travel lectures. We offer various drinks, as well as the hot spot internet location.

Despite our various projects over the past decade, we would not dare to call ourselves artists, writers, film makers, journalists, photographers or educators. We just go around, explore, try to understand, and occasionally make something.

Our website consists of a forum, a collection of articles and a knowledge database. However, 99% of the contents are in the Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian-Montenegrin language, as the Club originated in that part of the Balkans, where most of our travel community comes from. The forum currently has around 14,000 members.

The organization was initially founded under the name of Serbia Travel Club, which was later changed to The Travel Club to include people from a wider geographical area connected by a shared language. Our old logo – a worn-out shoe on a triangular road sign – was after nine years replaced with a black circle with a white arrow, representing Brownian motion around the planet.

The Travel Club is a non-profit registered in Novi Sad, Serbia and Zagreb, Croatia. There is no hierarchy nor official membership. All our projects are funded through crowdfunding and carried out through 100% volunteering. Any money that comes our way is donated to charity or reinvested into the Club.

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