Opancar’s daughter

Traditional Serbian clothes

The youngest child of a three-generation family engaged in the production of opaque, Marina Aleksic grew up in an environment in which she grew, wrapped and weaved. Family production worked very well, and Marina at first during the breaks of the studio acted and then during the pauses between the plays taught family craft. The national costume was, up to now, a regular inventory of her cabinet. Instagram’s factor was involved – and other ladies were thrilled with the unusual combination of traditional and modern, which gave birth to the idea of starting their own line that will bring national costumes back to the streets of the city. And it worked.

Marina: The idea of Opancare’s daughter came partly from a family tradition, and partly by accident. My father is the third generation of opener and his career in the production of folk costumes is over 35 years old, which I naturally joined as soon as I grew enough to be able to help. Since it is common for women to deal with knitting and weaving, and having received two daughters after marriage, they have been treated with the prospect of having a family manufacture.

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