Aquarium and Tropicarium Belgrade

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A group of enthusiasts with a real desire to help nature, life, water, flora and fauna lovers to approach nature, preserve the habitat of fish, plants and small animals, and train / educate them and facilitate their keeping as pets.

The long-standing experience of our associates in keeping pets, maintaining and eating as well as creating habitats for them will help us to get acquainted with the beautiful wildlife of the plant and animal world of the planet.

In our Public aquarium and tropicarium Belgrade you can see fish, water and sub-species of plants and small animals from different parts of the world as pets. The setting is intended primarily for children to get acquainted with the colorful nature of the living world of our and tropical waters, forests, rainforests, deserts and cold seas.

School-age children can see the bulk of their live curriculum and get to know their life and nutrition as well as the conditions of keeping some of them as pets.

Students of biological and veterinary faculties have a unique practice in which they can study ecosystems, fish and animals from their program, as well as familiarize themselves with their lives, ways of feeding and treating pets

Citizens can learn about the possibilities of preserving fish, plants and small animals, their role in improving the quality of life and potential assistance in relaxation and relaxation with the help of fish, water, plants, natural, water and dry arrangements in use in the interior, exterior and everyday life.

If people do not have pets, they will organize social gatherings, tours through volunteer work, and pet care in order to meet the needs for the care of nature and its inhabitants.

To show citizens the potentially therapeutic effect of pets in the event of stress relief and the need for communication with nature and its inhabitants, as well as alleviating the symptoms of modern-day disease.

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