Kosutnjak Forest Biking

Forest Biking- explore Kosutnjak and Ada, Belgrade’s biggest green zones, just a few minutes from the city centre. Biking activity through the forest and hilly terrain can be equally fun and attractive for beginners and more experienced riders.

The name, Košutnjak, is derived from the medieval hunting forests of the Serbian nobility, meaning doe’s breeder. (In Serbian, košuta means doe, hind), as does used to live freely in the park until the World War I.

Košutnjak is located 6 km southwest from the downtown Belgrade. Košutnjak is one of the most popular recreational places in Belgrade with arranged paths criss-crossing the forest.

Košutnjak gained a sort of historical notoriety as prince of Serbia, Mihailo Obrenović III was assassinated while walking in the park on June 10, 1868.

There are a number of trails for all abilities available in Kosutnjak Forest. The route can be done as easy, moderate and hard. It’s up to client wish to choose the length, denivelation and difficulty of the track.

Tour can be organised whole year. This tour is organised for groups and individuals as private group. Please be free to choose your depart time.

Recommended Equipment List

• Sneakers
• T-shirt
• Sunglasses
• Biker gloves
• Photo/video cameras
• Re-fillable water bottle

*** Important: Please bring extra clothes and footwear for after tour.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Activities: Biking, Mountainbiking

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