Makadam was founded in June 2015 in the historical center of Belgrade. It was named after the cobblestone of Kosančićev venac street, which is the most recognizable feature of its location. It is a collection of refined objects made by artisans and designers from Serbia.

Studying economics and working for her family business in the wine industry, Milena Radenković, founder of Makadam, wanted to start something on her own. She wished for a place that would represent her country in its best light, and what could be better than locally made products… She started her travels throughout Serbia and discovered beautiful and talented artisans and artists. The search for these objects was a special challenge and pleasure.

The idea for Makadam arose during travels. In a growing trend of local production, every country is trying to represent its products in the best way. Craftsmanship is nurtured and is the basis for the luxury industry, while applied arts and design have become a growing economic sector. Thus, in hidden parts of Serbia, artisans create in their family workshop with long traditions, while young applied artists design contemporary objects following global trends.

Makadam is a destination for everyone, for the foreigner in search for the object that will remind him of Serbia, but also for locals, who choose quality and local production in search of a special present. And all of that paired with a glass of good wine.

Every time you visit us, you will discover something new and unexpected, while for those who are not able to come to us, we are currently working on an online store.

Makadam is a mix of different energies, tradition and modern, new and old, talent and hardwork, all of it with the desire to contribute to the preservation of tradition and local production, as well as to encourage the development of entrepreneurship in Serbia.

Make your way to Makadam across the original Turkish cobblestones of Kosančićev venac, a lovely slice of old Belgrade.

The concept store only sells handmade items from across Serbia, while the bistro serves local wines, beers and more. Shoppers will find an impressive selection of carefully chosen items by local craftspeople and designers, with the accent on the use of natural and traditional materials.

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Kosančićev venac 20
Beograd 11000 Grad Beograd RS
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