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The Heritage House is located in the house of the famous Belgrade merchant Veljko Savić, built in 1869 as one of the first modern single-story houses.

It arose as the product of a multi-decade initiative by artists, intellectuals, experts and donors, wishing to unite in a single place the heritage and gifts presented to Belgrade from 1955 to this day.

The Heritage House was established by the Belgrade Municipal Council in July 2004 with the objective of protecting, conserving and exhibiting all movable and non-movable objects bequeathed to the town by prominent citizens and artists. The headquarters of the organisation is at Knez Mihaljova 46, in the building bequeathed by Nedeljko Gvozdenović., but is temporarily housed at Ilije Garašanina 24.

The Family House at Knez Mihaljova 46, together with the buildings at no’s 48 and 50 are a rare example of a complete block of properties showing all the characteristics of 19th century architecture and town planning. These buildings are scheduled for reconstruction, adaptation and repair during 2007. When this is completed the Heritage House will begin to operate from a permanent site, where artefacts from existing and newly-received legacies left to the city of Belgrade will be on display.

During the period from 1955 to 2003, 21 movable and non-movable bequests were made to the City of Belgrade. The aim of The Heritage House is to resolve the complicated problems relating to bequests and gifts made to the City. To this aim the care of non-movable bequests will also be undertaken at such time as the right to maintain and conserve these properties is transferred to the Heritage House. As an institution the Heritage House is also committed to the encouragement and restoration of the custom of charitable giving and the receipt of new bequests and gifts is an important aim of the House. The first new donor to the Heritage House is Olga Jevrić, the sculptor and member of the Serbian Academy, who signed a gift contract on 10th February 2006 and bequeathed 44 of her sculptures in ferric oxide, iron, cement, terracotta and patinated gypsum to the Heritage House.

200 rsd
100 rsd (group visits, students, pensioners)

* members of ICOM, AICA, ULUS, ULUPUDS,
* students of the history of art, fine arts and applied arts with the appropriate document
* children up to 10 years (accompanied by adults)

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Kneza Mihaila 46
Beograd 11000 Grad Beograd RS
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