Restaurant Istok

Vietnamese food

You might ask yourself “Why on Earth would I go to a Vietnamese restaurant while in Belgrade?” Here are a few possible answers:

Perhaps, because you have grown tired of local diet of ćevapčići, pljeskavica and burek and your jeans are becoming an effort to pull on.

Because you just had a loooong night and the Pho they serve in Istok is heaven-sent for event the nastiest of hangovers or for when you generally crave a bit of comfort food.

Because you love Vietnamese food. There is nothing wrong with skipping the “eat local” ethos now and then!

Because you feel like giving rakija a rest and having a really good, refreshing and exotic cocktail. Seriously, the spicy hot citrusy one they mix there has become half of the reason I keep going back to the place.

The other half would be the really tasty and fresh food, friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere. I go for vegetable and fish, but my meat-eating friends swear by their duck noodles.

So, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, instead of asking yourself why to go to a Vietnamese restaurant in Belgrade, ask yourself “why not?” and enjoy!

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Gospodar-Jevremova 50
Beograd 11000 Grad Beograd RS
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