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Design ping pong tables, retro armchairs and a beautiful inner courtyard are just some of the details that will impress you on arrival at the SNAP PIng Pong Club, located in the center of Belgrade, on French Street 12.

You will not be able to visit the newly opened place simply because of a lot of table tennis, beverages, food, a pleasant atmosphere or afternoon coffee – you will be visiting him for all this together. SNAP merged seemingly incompatible things. Each corner of this room was decorated with special attention and thought of each and every detail. The entire space consists of several different rooms, and each room is a story for itself. At the entrance is the “main room”, which is mainly intended for the table tennis table, it enters the “lounge room” which is designed for relaxation and enjoyment, and from there comes a bar. The other part of the space is one of the most beautiful inner courtyards in Belgrade, “VIP room” which is created for larger groups or birthday parties.

The idea was to connect entertainment, encourage people to be active, socialize, connect, share ideas, and at the same time enjoy food and drink. The core of the whole story is a ping pong, a sport where people of all generations can enjoy.

SNAP is part of a growing global trend that connects recreation, catering, and at the same time encourages people to connect. Similar sites exist in New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco, and SNAP is the first such not only in Belgrade but also in this part of Europe.

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Francuska 12
Beograd Grad Beograd RS
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