Eugster Belgrade

Gallery in white and blue


Eugster Belgrade is a gallery dedicated to contemporary art in the Balkans. They exhibit and represent contemporary artists from Belgrade and the region.

It’s a new space, recently opened near the Danube among a bunch of storage places of some bigger companies. First time you went there, you will not able to find it without a bit of help from Google maps, as there are no pointers. You can take the bus 44 to bus stop ‘Viline vode – Tempo’ and you will be 100 meters from it (this is something we discovered a bit late, but it will do the trick for you).

It is very spacious and open, something which you can’t say for many galleries in Belgrade. From outside, it’s brightly painted in white and blue so it is easily noticeable.

Lovely places that are not crowded and a bit isolated. And that is what makes this gallery special; it’s near Danube, with no crowd whatsoever and you can simply enjoy what is shown there, without being disturbed by other things.

The current exhibition is Ruins of Future Utopia by Saša Tkačenko.

Nostalgia certainly frames Saša Tkačenko’s art, coming out both as a theme and a method of creation. Having belonged to a dead nation with a particular sense for utopia, the artist, like many of Yugoslavia born from his generation, lives with phantom experiences that accompany real-time events. The word nostalgia contains the word pain in its Greek origin, therefore it is bound to have a direct connotation. Its hidden power, however, operates behind this supposition, which is why Tkačenko’s work takes us by surprise as it renders nostalgic feelings as strangely inviting and affirmative.

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Viline Vode BB (Slobodna Zona Belgrade), Beograd 11000, Serbia
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