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The abandoned and ruined passage in the center of the city, near Bezistan, became the first Belgrade Street Gallery. This is the first such project in Serbia by its physical character of exploiting the public space for a gallery setting.

The gallery is located in the immediate vicinity of Bezistan, in the pedestrian passage between Nikola Pašić Square and Nušićeva street, known as the Chavket Passage.

The gallery program consists of a part of engaged art that deals with issues of key importance for society. One of its key features is that it will be open to young and non-affirmed artists.

By placing art in the public space, its accessibility has been extended to a large number of people, which is especially important for topics that are traditionally ignored and practically invisible in society, and whose real measure the artist can best feel and convey to visitors. The public space thus gets a new function, the artists place to exhibit, the city a new center of culture, and visitors and passers-by the opportunity to enjoy art in this unusual space.

This project is also specific for establishing the necessary cooperation between institutions and civic associations, thus creating a model for future allocation of similar spaces for artistic production.

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