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The Belgrade Good Hope Garden

The Belgrade Good Hope Garden is a zoo located in Belgrade. The zoo is situated at the very centre of the city, in Kalemegdan Park. Beo Zoo Garden was founded in 1936 and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe.

The Zoo covers an area of about 7 hectares (17 acres), and has about 1,700 animals representing more than 150 different species. It holds domestic as well as exotic wild animals.

Its present look is contributed by many built facilities, new drinking-fountains, wooden Sculpture Gallery, the work of the sculptor Vuk Bojović and the nursery for young animals – Baby Zoo.

The Zoo has the biggest pride of white lions in the world, many tropical birds and birds of prey. Because of the meaning of the name of Belgrade (“white city”), Vuk Bojović decided to collect albino and white animals. Now the zoo has white tigers, lions, American bison, Arctic wolves, polar bears, albino wallabies and skunks.

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