Hari’s Creperie


According to the story and tradition, the form and color of crepes represent the sun – a source of energy that awaits in the spring after a long cold winter.

With the transfer of fragrance flour from Crete to Europe, you can consume crepes and feel the transfer of the spirit of history in various choices and tastes. At the Crete since 1998 there are three actions that impress visitors with their tastes and scents. In Belgrade, the fourth newly opened shop, there is the fourth family member who joined the brothers in Crete.

Crepe passes through a special treatment from dough to mixture and filling. The structure and way of preparation are different from the usual.

Hari’s Creperia in Belgrade will make sure that all visitors enjoy the unique tastes of salty, sweet crepes, waffles, omelettes, toast and salad, ice cream and everything from home-made recipes.

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Kraljice Marije 8
Beograd Grad Beograd RS
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