Princess Ljubica’s Residence


Princess Ljubica’s Residence (Serbian: Konak kneginje Ljubice) is located in Belgrade and because of its cultural and architectural importance the residence has been designated a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance.

This palace was used for living until 1829, but taking into consideration its age and state Prince Miloš Obrenović had decided to build another residence.

According to plans of Prince Miloš, the residence was supposed to have a twofold purpose – to be a home for his family, Princess Ljubica and his sons Milan and Mihailo, later rulers of Serbia and at the same time a residential palace. It was built according to ideas and under supervision of Hadži-Neimar, the pioneer of Serbian building and construction.

Princess Ljubica Residence is placed in a free space in the center of a garden, initially fenced by a high wall as other buildings of this type and surrounded by greenery. It had an outer yard where one could enter through the car entrance as well as the spacious inner garden toward Kosančićev venac. Princess Ljubica Residence is facing the Sava River with its main façade dominated by a bay window of the divanhana (tur. a room used for smoking and talking).

This building has all characteristics of city houses of Serbian-Balkan style. Ground and upper storey have a centre hall around which all other rooms are situated, showing a traditional Oriental space concept, which originates from former closed inner yard model. There are divanhanas on both floors, which is a type of today’s dining room, but also a reception salon. The ground floor divanhana is separated from the rest of the area by two steps and lined by wooden columns divided with parapets. Wide stairs, leading into garden, are located immediately beside it and this entrance is wider than the one leading toward the street.

Princess Ljubica Residence has been proclaimed as 1st category cultural property in 1979.


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