Super Donkey Bar

Smoothie, Juice & Salad Bar

A little place in Belgrade, but a great oasis of healthy food. This unusual combination – fast food but tasty and healthy food, then shops and places for enjoyment, is not easy to classify because it really brings a different spirit to the Belgrade offer, and the one that reflects the freshness of good taste.

In a pleasant ambience of the home atmosphere, the Super Donkey is designed so you can buy groceries and ready-to-eat food and drinks for taking or taking a drink. A healthy selection of foods is suitable for all employees in the environment who are hurrying as much as for those who use Super Donkey to enjoy the atmosphere. Very quickly this becomes one of those places you are constantly visiting, a small market of good energy.

They came to the idea, seeing that there is no place in Belgrade where you can grab a quality and large portion of salad from which you can really enjoy the most delicious salads – besides vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts, and delicious dressing – complete nutritious vegetarian meal, prepared with the knowledge of the magic combination of taste sweetness and texture of foods that make up a full circle of taste. And at an affordable price and in a pleasant, family (because Super Donkey practically it is) ambience.

Salad meal (with the concept of salad here gaining some new, supplemented and enhanced meaning) and wraps are deserved in the first place when it comes to Super Donkey, because they contain fresh porridge, rice and integral pasta, cereals and seeds, combinations flavors and textures are unusual, imaginative and nutritionally balanced.

On the menu is the pot that is made every day from some other vegetable. Squeezed juices and smoothies in many fruit combinations with additives of bone fruits, honey or coconut and date palm are a great choice for those who like fast food – but healthy. And there is also a refreshing smoothie with coffee. For gourmets Super Donkey offers chia choco mus and raw bombs that do not contain either flour or sugar, because nature has to offer much better sweet tastes, just waiting for brokers!

As a true masters of healthy cuisine, Super Donkey has a wide range of groceries available – from seed, bone fruits to various types of edible oils, flour, integral pasta… And although beauty comes from within, it is not on the spot to take care of the outside, for what is responsible for the natural cosmetics of domestic production. Super Donkey says that their guests always go full-fed, healthy and even more beautiful!

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Krunska 26
Beograd 11000 Grad Beograd RS
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Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 21:00 Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00 Sunday: Closed