Jazz Bašta Cafe

Jazz Bar & Restaurant

Right beside Brankov bridge, in one of the most beautiful parts of the old city, there is a place with a touch of french decor, whose spirit resembles tradition and romance – Jazz Bašta.

“Bašta” intertwines awe-inspiring music and wine in relaxing atmosphere adorned by the incredible view of the river and Brankov bridge.

Situated in Karađorđeva street 43, there is a building whose construction was first initiated in 1870, and whose walls hid the treasurous surroundings of what, with a bit of effort, now we know as “Bašta”.

The entrance to this piece of heaven is just as you reach the top of the staircase that lead from the riverside to Brankov bridge, the proper address would be Male stepenice 1A.


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Male stepenice
Beograd 11000 Grad Beograd RS
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