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Cafe Gallery Blaznavac is a combination of cafe and gallery, which is located in a building over 120 years old, in 18 Kneginje Ljubice Street in Belgrade.

Blaznavac is named after Milivoje Petrović Blaznavac, a Serbian prime minister from the 19th century, who allegedly was the outspoken son of Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović.

In addition to the standard offer of cafes, the activities that they have carried out in their gallery are most often sales exhibitions of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, handicrafts, ceramics… All these exhibitions are the work of young unapproved artists. The organization of musical and “stand up” performances is part of the usual events at the Blaznavac Cafe Gallery.

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Kneginje Ljubice 18
Beograd Grad Beograd RS
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