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Food & Culture Tour in Belgrade lets you explore authentic tastes, culture and tradition of Belgrade and Serbia through traditional Serbian food.

Serbian culture is palatable! Especially if told in a slower pace, which allows more time to digest mouth-watering combination of flavors. A visit to 6 authentic places, wrapped up by a stroll through a green market and a bohemian quarter, reveals delicious cultural moments interlaced with local cuisine.

Savour your day in Belgrade slowly and make the most of it. Unravel the gourmet scene of a range of seven local restaurants, bars, a green market and taverns, and prolong your hedonistic journey all the way to Zemun, a bohemian town on the river Danube. Take part in the adventure of discovering the intricacy of local history, in a place where cultures mix and the east and west cuisine blend.

So many details about Serbia on food & culture tours – recipes, stories, useful phrases…

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